Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Goes On..

It is Monday, a beautiful, rainy, gloomy day!  Who needs warmth and sunshine, anyway?  Just makes you feel kind of like maybe playing in the ink and glue and thread and fabric should be put behind while you go out and smell.. and weed the Roses, right?  So, who needs that???...
Actually, the smell of lilacs comes right in my window while I stamp and cut.  What a joyful scent that is.  Last year for Mother's Day my darlin' daughter and her hubbie came over and planted me a couple of the deep purple lilacs, and a double flower Rose of Sharon.  The lilacs are barely 4 ft tall, but both have almost 3 dozen blooms on them.  Happy little lilacs!
So, where have I been, my 3 followers may be wondering?  (Well, maybe they haven't been, but it is nice to pretend)  Mom has been sick, and we can not figure out the cause, or what to do about it.  We have been visiting doctors, and scanners and scopers and pokers and prodders, and, proud to say.. we have stumped them all!!  Got another one lined up today... can't wait!*****

***Disclaimer for those who may not know me...I tend toward satire and sarcasm when humor gets stretched past my laughing point****it can be difficult to tell at times; I am working on it, just not today, general rule of thumb is this; If it hurts, I am sorry, I did not mean it.. there really is not a mean bone in my body.

So, just thought I would pop in and say Hi!  Hope you are enjoying the Spring.  Praise God for the rain.  Pray for the people who have too much, the people who have had too little, the people who have just the right amount.  We all need prayer, so, lets just pray for the people!

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