Monday, September 24, 2012

Extreme Bobble Bichon….(aka Jasper)

When Jasper came to live with us he was about 8 weeks old. He was and is adorable and precious and, of course, very very cute. Jasper understood words even as a little puppy.
He is now 3 going on 4 years old and has a talent that he has been perfecting over the course of his life. The video clip is a short display of the talent, the movie version will be released in the near future…or maybe not. Watch until the end, the first part is just a warm up! (I dare you to try not to smile)

Have a great day, God bless!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Operation Write Home

I make cards for Operation Write Home, you can too!

Please follow their "rules"; they are there for a reason. 

Real People; Real Cards!!

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Happy 4th...again


Happy 4th of July

I love July!!

2 of my sisters and myself were born in July, my daughter Krista was born in July, my husband was...yup ..born in July.. (not a requirement for marriage, but it did tip the scales :) ).  My daughters doggie was born in July, and our cock-a-poo also. Oh, my baby brother too.  My son in law is the out of sync person here, but he is in February on one of my other sisters birthdays, so we didn't make him change his birth certificate. Our Bichon is December, but that is ok too, of course. Jasper is defiantly sharing his birthday month with a higher authority, and it shows!

So, anyway, the point is, July is a good month, and the fact that Uncle Sam was born in July just proves it!

So, with all this going in my favor, I am thinking maybe I stand a chance at winning a new cutting machine! Several blogs have a  Silhouette give away, and I so want to win this. Every time I use my Cricut I end up frustrated with shredded paper and it is growing old.  I am very unselfishly sharing the sites, even knowing that it increases the competition. ;)  Both of these sites are daily reads for me, so look around while you are there.

Jessica Sprague

Crap   (just trust me on this.. you will love what you see when you get there)

Later, gators... gotta go enter to win me a new cutter.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I came across this challenge on a blog:

Not sure I did it right, but it was interesting. This is what came out.. rules are not to edit~ so this is it!


When Holly was a baby I would swoop her in my arms and play the music and dance. We danced for 5 years, till she went to dance with Jesus and my music stopped.
When Krista was a baby I swooped her in my arms and we danced. We dance still, 30 years later. Joyful. Sad. Waltz. as the music of life plays, we dance. As the month cycles, we dance. With new puppies and birthdays and death we dance.
Sometimes she leads, sometimes I lead, always we are there to hold each other up as the music changes and cycles.


Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I MissYou, Katie

OK, time does fly. So here I am again.. long break..

So, what brought me out of my silence? So many of those in my craft world know of Katie, the beautiful, amazing Katie. Katie has been on my mind so much lately, her precious boys and husband always in my prayers. Her brave journey, just so very short, from a stomach ache to diagnosis and then, she was gone. Too young, too brave and too amazing, but yet true. I know God is sovereign, I trust Him and love Him, but will not pretend to understand or venture an answer.

I have been working through the Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday classes. This week the template just reminded me of Katie, so several days ago I completed it.
The decision to post was confirmed by a visit to Jak Heaths site, where I was reminded that it is Katie's birthday. No wonder Kevin, Will, Hunter and Nate have been so close in my prayers, the thoughts of Katie so strong.

Here are the links for Jak Heath:
Here is link for Jessica Sprague:

Here is a link for the digital area of my Stampin' Up site. The paper is now discontinued, but there are a lot of other very pretty choices for immediate download if you care to check it out. I did use Photoshop Elements for the layout,
not SU software.

Most important, pray for those close to Katie today. What a blessing she has been to so many of us from a distance, how those who knew her in real life must feel the loss. Tell those around you how much you love them, live life full today. Tomorrow we will look back and wonder where the day went.. it was here just a minute ago.