Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabric Gift

Hi.  Have been having a wonderful time making cards and gifts for a very special little girl in the hospital. She has a very serious illness and even though I have never met her I have so much love for this little girl.  Tomorrow I will post the pictures of some of my projects.. today Hello Kitty is the subject of my fun.

Besides card making and scrapping, especially for special children and people, my other love is sewing, quilting, small project making.  I am working on a cute little bag, a mug rug and tea bag holder for a surprise for this mom.  I also plan on putting some cards in it, blank, that the mom can sit and write for others.

All of this does cost money, God has been faithful.
A friend sent me the following fabric give-away.. and I am excited.  This fabric line looks really pretty, and I am taking every chance at winning!

Blogger is not accepting my photo, but please check it out, the fabric just calls to me to hold it and pet it and stare at it, right before I cut it up to make something wonderful!

So, go get in on it.. if you win, we split

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exterminator Needed

Could you imagine buying a printer, a beautiful, wonderful printer.  You have photos to print, drawings
to print, files and writings and word art to print.  You saved up for this wonderful printer until you have
enough money to get it, and see on the box that it comes with a cartridge full of images all ready to print.

The box shows pictures of all the wonderful things you are going to be able to do with this printer.

Take it home, set it up, pop in the cartridge and print.  Then you open your files and go to print them,
create, have fun, make awesome things, print the photos I have taken with my camera, the pics I have created.
Have a blast!!

One day you need to turn to the little book, read the fine print, and find out you have just cancelled your warantee on the printer by having the audacity to print your own pictures and words and fonts without buying the companies cartridges and limiting your printing to their images and words and fonts.  And that every font you want to print requires purchase of a cartridge; retail at ninety bucks a pop. if they make one for that font. if not, choose one of theirs and forget about yours.

How many printers do you think the company would sell under those circumstances?
One woman on the support ProvoCraft side made the comment to (support) the effect of if you wanted to use
the third party software, why buy their  cutter, why not just use another machine?  We will honey, we will.

Another heavy thinker said something like you can't get mad at a fuzzy green bug!  You know, when bugs come in my house, I do what most (rational) people do.  I exterminate them.  Or, remove them if they are cute or too big to squash without a mess.

The truth is, I like my cutter, I have bought cartridges, and I like some of them .  others were a complete waste.  But, I want to create and cut my own files also.  So, I will continue to use the bug till it dies, and then I will replace it with a machine that allows me to cut what I want.

Will I completely never buy another Provo Craft item? I don't know.  But I can tell you I will look for
other brands first, even if I have to pay a little more.  My next embosser will be another brand, I will restick my mats, and will look before I leap.  Maybe they should change the box from reading  something like "cut anything" to "cut what you pay us almost a hundred bucks for, and we will tell you what you want to cut"

as my little girl used to say when she was a little girl ....  unbeeeweevable   or   realllldiculous.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Blog Candy Win

Crafty Staci celebrated her first anniversary by giving her followers gifts.. if she chose your message, of course!
Well, she chose mine, and the gift was my choice of her top ten items from the year.

It was a hard decision, she has some really cool stuff to make and to buy.. you can check her out here:

Her tutorials are great.  So, what did I choose?  Only a little something that has brightened my day ever since!

Aren't they beautiful?  She made them just for me, in colors that I asked for!  (that would be bright)..

I love them, and, like I promised her, I am keeping them dry and dusted.

Thank you Staci

One Hundred Cards for One Hundred Birthdays

Uncle Herman has his 100th birthday, and he is in Florida, me NJ.  So, since I can't get to him right now.. I get this bright idea.. maybe I could get him a hundred cards to help celebrate.  I posted on a couple yahoo groups, thinking maybe a couple cards?  Well, THANK YOU amazing people for coming through!!  I had more then three dozen promises from the 2 groups; and when we last heard from him, he was well under way to the 100cards.
Except, I got the date wrong, it was not the 5th, it was the 10th, and  I was not the only person, my sister also posted to a couple groups, and got an overwhelming response.. she gave the correct date, which actually worked out well in the long run.. he has cards coming from all over and spread out over a week, and he is enjoying every one of them.  He told my mom that it is so wonderful that people that don't even know him would care enough to send a card!
Thank you, thank you, all of you.  I have been reluctant to post my picture of the card I made, you should see some of the crazy good work these ladies do!  I hope mine isn't too child looking, I wanted bright and happy and really wanted the dinosaurs to be there.. OK, drumroll:

As for where everything came from?  No idea!  The dinos are Create a Critter, the shiny balloons were just balloon shapes on shiny paper with Marvy wet look markers, and embossed with clear SU embossing.
The rest is just stuff I had on hand.

So, Uncle Herman, hugs and love and cards.. lots and lots of cards.. to you for your birthday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Addicted to Candy

Jak Heath is offering a drawing for her fabulous flower creating flowers and all the tools that go with!

She is an awesome creator, and this would be a great set to win

Check it out here:

I am a total winner!

Right now I am experiencing technical difficulties...but hopefully tomorrow will have it worked out and
be able to post pics and info but in the last week plus I have won

bingo in my quilt group.. lots of batik fqs
A beautiful fabric flower blog candy
A new Spellbinders set.

How very exciting this has been.  I don't even know how to express it, so exciting!

Right now I am working on a blog post about how this has been such a blessing this week..
in the next few days I will post it.

Let me just say that I have been to the doctor regarding the situation with my spine, and it is not good.  There are few options to relieve the nerve damage and fewer for the pain.

So, the wins are a very bright spot in a kind of not great week!

See ya soon

Oh, and keep your fingers crossed... I am going for promarkers set drawing next week, hey, why not!