Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sometimes Frugal Does NOT Work Out!

WARNING : DO NOT use long dies with short platforms.!!

There is an artist crafter I love and have learned a lot from. She posts videos on saving money and helping you get the most for your money in the crafting world. Most of her advice is good, this one is a great big error and I am really trying to not be angry and think mean thoughts. I don't have companies showering me with free supplies, I have to buy everyone.

Hopefully this will save a die or two.

This morning I was making a card.I was in a hurry.

using my favorite go-to die:

Yup, Jim Holtz, Tattered Flower Garland. It makes 16 flower shapes at one time and 4 sizes of leaves.

One run through the big shot and bam!! a garden. (Also has a coordinating Tattered Flower bigger die and they all play so nice together) So, I  you can see why I love this baby, right?

Well, back to the short story that I am making long...hey, we crafters like to embellish, right?
 I'm cutting out flowers for a special card this morning and had the regular platform in the big shot (not the extended platform), and I remember the video where these crafters said you could just use the regular on and turn it around and run it through the other way, or run it partway through. So I thought...why not? what could I lose?

Turns out...a lot. My very precious, handy and versatile die went through up to the end of the platform, and then CRACK!! Not the kind of crack that dies make going through the big shot, but the kind of crack they make when they, well, crack.
Can you see it there? all the way through to the plastic backing and even on part of that, though trying to get the picture was hard. Right through the leaves. It kind of worked after that but it is not going to last long and I could cry. The kicker is the extended platform was right next to me, and I thought just to try this out here cause the video sounded so confident.

So..DO NOT USE LONG DIES ON SHORT PLATFORMS unless you really like to ruin your dies.

So, now I'm thinking the truly frugal way is to get good baseline equipment and use it properly. The point they were making is that it is a waste to buy the extended platform if you have only a couple longer dies, but here is what I think.

well. excuse the table. tornado hit. glad I survived.

What I think is I am going to use the extended platform for more regular dies at one time. Do you know how many labels or flowers or spellbinders you can get on the platform and run thru? Seriously, two passes and you will have a stack of all sizes to stamp on or glue on or whatever! So, instead of thinking of it as useful only for the extended, think of it as a regular tool for everyday multi-piece cutting!

A true time saver.

have a good day, sorry so long


Oh, btw. I am a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, one without a website (though you could still order on line) I am very generous with anyone who orders with me as the demo and if you want the info please leave a message and I will replay really fast with it! Thanks!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Color Bomb Explodes on Paper

It is Palm Sunday and I want so bad to be in church. Last week I had a procedure on my back and sitting more than a few minutes at a time is pretty impossible. Wearing clothes with any form or waistband is pretty impossible. So, here I am, Palm Sunday, not in church and not happy about it. But, God really is good and I am so glad I don't have to be in church to be with  Him!

Pretty sure my husband is going to bring me a consolation latte too. Joy.

So, anyway, I remember never having uploaded my Tuesday Morning Sketch card. Well, I remember I never made my Tuesday Morning Sketch card, making the upload a bit more of a challenge.

One hour later, pushing the deadline and surviving the paper glue cutter and color explosion that totally trashed my makeshift table, here is my card.

Not my favorite card, but I'm proud for making the second week of TMS, pressing on and even though I'm not a sequin kind of person, the little girl it is for love shiny sparkles. Thinking I might go throw some glitter on here and there. Might as well go all the way, right?

Hugs and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Very Happy Sad Day

Today I accomplished a major victory! For about a month now I have been working on a quilt for a person very close to me. It was one of those projects that seems so fight me all the way.

You know the kind of project...

First, I pick out a fairly simple pattern.  I loved one part of the pattern, the center square, but the rest of it...not so much. So I pick out the fabrics and make the center square and start piecing around it, kind of create as you go. Easy, right? no, not right!!

I really wanted this to be perfect, which is so funny because I don't do perfect. Choosing fabrics became difficult, either too little or the wrong tone or color or whatever. Thread always ran out of the bobbin in the worst place and I made so many cutting errors that I used my binding fabric for a border and had no binding. Don't you feel so sorry for me? Haha!

OK, the worst mistake I made turned out to be my best error ever. I slipped with the rotary cutter and put a gash in the fabric right next to one of the purple flowers! Yup, 1 1/2 inch gash right there in the quilt top. Woe is me....

The funny part is as soon as it happened I thought "butterfly", and sure enough...butterfly was just what I needed.

Only, one was not enough. nope. two were just right to balance it out.
This, of course, gave me what I needed for the last border...butterflies

So, after all the mistakes and fixes and inspirations and trials and errors and thrown in a couple growls and even more smiles, the final product is this
Not perfect, but I am very happy with the results. The back is flannel so it will be soft next to her and I try to keep the quilting on the minimal side so that the quilts have a softer feel to them.

Soo, there it is, sure hope it brings a smile and feeling of love to a very special lady that has been fighting a very nasty health battle. all prayers welcome. The happy?  it is ready to go. The sad? chemo was rough and she is really hurting.

love and hugs,


oh, btw, the center is from an old quilting magazine, I am not sure whose it is. I think McCalls, but just had the insert.