Friday, March 14, 2014

Goodness and Mercy

I was following my usual trail of blog posts this morning and two of blogs hit me square in the face.

The first was on Jessica Sprague The business of being in business. Jessica expresses her fear of sharing her writing, and her words express my thoughts.
I can share my photos, my cards, things that I make, but my words are different. My art is what I do, my words are who I am. Fear. 


Ann Voskamp wrote about goodness and mercy and grace not just following, but pursuing us!! We tend to think that we have to chase the good in life, the grace, but in reality, we are always living with goodness, grace, mercy; we just need to open our eyes and hearts and see it.
 My daily life is an object lesson, a continual reminder of this truth. I have two dogs, two little dogs that follow me everywhere. They used to be named "Jasper" and "Cocoa",
but one day when they just seemed to be glued to me tighter than ever, I joked and called them "Goodness: and "Mercy", they follow me all the days of my life.

 The names stuck.

I am now reminded every hour of every day that Goodness and Mercy not only follow me, but they seek me out, keep me in sight, hang as close as possible. What started as a silly comment has become a way for God to minister to me continually.

Laying in bed in pain, they are there.
Eating dinner, they are there.
Washing dishes, they are there.
Bathroom? Yup....Goodness and Mercy, even there.

They seek me out, they stick tight, and when I acknowledge them....Joy.

God Bless!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Extreme Bobble Bichon….(aka Jasper)

When Jasper came to live with us he was about 8 weeks old. He was and is adorable and precious and, of course, very very cute. Jasper understood words even as a little puppy.
He is now 3 going on 4 years old and has a talent that he has been perfecting over the course of his life. The video clip is a short display of the talent, the movie version will be released in the near future…or maybe not. Watch until the end, the first part is just a warm up! (I dare you to try not to smile)


Have a great day, God bless!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Operation Write Home

I make cards for Operation Write Home, you can too!

Please follow their "rules"; they are there for a reason. 

Real People; Real Cards!!

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Happy 4th...again