Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I love July!!

2 of my sisters and myself were born in July, my daughter Krista was born in July, my husband was...yup ..born in July.. (not a requirement for marriage, but it did tip the scales :) ).  My daughters doggie was born in July, and our cock-a-poo also. Oh, my baby brother too.  My son in law is the out of sync person here, but he is in February on one of my other sisters birthdays, so we didn't make him change his birth certificate. Our Bichon is December, but that is ok too, of course. Jasper is defiantly sharing his birthday month with a higher authority, and it shows!

So, anyway, the point is, July is a good month, and the fact that Uncle Sam was born in July just proves it!

So, with all this going in my favor, I am thinking maybe I stand a chance at winning a new cutting machine! Several blogs have a  Silhouette give away, and I so want to win this. Every time I use my Cricut I end up frustrated with shredded paper and it is growing old.  I am very unselfishly sharing the sites, even knowing that it increases the competition. ;)  Both of these sites are daily reads for me, so look around while you are there.

Jessica Sprague

Crap   (just trust me on this.. you will love what you see when you get there)

Later, gators... gotta go enter to win me a new cutter.

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