Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Hundred Cards for One Hundred Birthdays

Uncle Herman has his 100th birthday, and he is in Florida, me NJ.  So, since I can't get to him right now.. I get this bright idea.. maybe I could get him a hundred cards to help celebrate.  I posted on a couple yahoo groups, thinking maybe a couple cards?  Well, THANK YOU amazing people for coming through!!  I had more then three dozen promises from the 2 groups; and when we last heard from him, he was well under way to the 100cards.
Except, I got the date wrong, it was not the 5th, it was the 10th, and  I was not the only person, my sister also posted to a couple groups, and got an overwhelming response.. she gave the correct date, which actually worked out well in the long run.. he has cards coming from all over and spread out over a week, and he is enjoying every one of them.  He told my mom that it is so wonderful that people that don't even know him would care enough to send a card!
Thank you, thank you, all of you.  I have been reluctant to post my picture of the card I made, you should see some of the crazy good work these ladies do!  I hope mine isn't too child looking, I wanted bright and happy and really wanted the dinosaurs to be there.. OK, drumroll:

As for where everything came from?  No idea!  The dinos are Create a Critter, the shiny balloons were just balloon shapes on shiny paper with Marvy wet look markers, and embossed with clear SU embossing.
The rest is just stuff I had on hand.

So, Uncle Herman, hugs and love and cards.. lots and lots of cards.. to you for your birthday!


  1. I'm really glad I participated, as my birthday is March 10th too! I'm glad he enjoyed his cards. He is probably the envy of all his friends!

  2. That is so wonderful that he received so many cards. I'm sure he must have been so surprised! Your card turned out just adorable, and I'm sure it was very special to him. I'm kind of in a way glad you had the date wrong, because I was late getting it!

  3. I missed this, but so much congratulations goes to him. Wow....100 Your card turned out adorable.