Friday, February 11, 2011

Weirdness in the World

A Big Win

Good News... this week I won a Nook.. from Dr. Oz and Barnes and Noble...yeah..
Bad News... can not claim it, so I lost hoo
Explanation... I was one of the first 600 to get into the giveaway, got the form, filled         it out... was unable to submit it because I could not read the letters and there was no audio option.. tried to get new letters for the code, got kicked out and when I got back in, informed me that I was too late, 600 had been given away.
Ironic... visual issues kept me from winning on Dr. Oz site
Ironic Plus: both Dr.Oz and Barnes and Noble responded with an email that they                  would not be responding.

A Big Loss

Good News.... 1/31 I found great curtains, great color, great JC Penny (dot    com)   I checked with my wonderful kind generous husband, he said go for it…    I ordered, they shipped the same day... the same day....These miracle drapes are going to keep noise, light, dust and all things bad out of my house. They are going to resolve all conflict, solv all my decorating problems... you get the point
Bad News......Tracking dates keep changing, getting set back, etc.  finally, they are set for delivery 2/9.. in time to  get hung for our anniversary..2/10. a little late, but hey,with all the problems they are going to fix,   not really bad, right???
Really Bad News….2/10 they are not here yet.
Really Really Bad News….tracking says the empty box showed up in Seacaucaus UPS center and was discarded, investigation underway.  Guess someone else is now enjoying my miracle drapes.
Ironic..  I called JC Penneys.. they said something like, oh, don’t worry, we will give you credit for them.  I said, what about my drapes?  They said I could reorder if I want. So, I called them, they did not call me.  They were happy that an investigation was in progress, did not seem to give a hoot at all that I did not get my curtains as I was free to reorder.
Really Ironic.. It took me about half an hour to find someone who could help me with the credit and the reorder process to get them at the same price.

A Big Change

As this week went along with lots of disappointments I realize how less these things disturb my peace then they did when I was younger.  It is a nook, curtains,
nice things to be sure, but they are things.  Just things.  Frustrations, when faced with courage and a right perspective make us stronger.
I was just reading some of the philosophy going around that teaches to focus on positive thoughts, deny the negative events.  They proclaim that it is weakness, negative thinking to speak about the “negative” things, share only the positive, etc.,  teaching  that a higher state of being comes from giving no room to the negative, pass on only love and encouragement and enlightenment (this stuff hit my facebook page today).
Call me crazy, but this world is full of good, wonderful, beautiful people and things.  It is also full of pain and suffering, a young friend dying of cancer, leaving young children without a parent.  Children are dying of hunger, disease. People hurt people.  My daughter died as a young child, there..I said it.
Courage, real strength and courage come from facing the pain, easing it where we can, encourage others to share their burdens, allowing the tears, not turning from suffering but running to it to make a difference, to help.
I am not talking about wallowing in the negative anymore then I advocate turning from it and pretending it is not there, my life is most positive and fulfilled when helping another carry their suffering.  

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