Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Helpful Article

Hey, did you see that? My followers went up 200% in one week, doubling in just one day!  I was going to
take Sunday off, but did not want to let my followers down!  Thank you for your support.  I am humbled.

Two followers.  Just a year ago, I never thought this would be possible, it just goes to show perseverance and
hard work pay off.  I would also like give a shout out thank you to my mother for having so many kids.. (one tollower is my sister, the other a niece).

Now, because I promised something helpful, I have got to deliver, so here is my top ten list of recommendations  and tips you should learn before you start blogging to help avoid disappointment and embarrassment of   having one of those blogs that nobody reads.

10)  Decide what your blog will be about.. at least an idea

09)  Study this blog carefully

08)  Do something else

07)  Being wealthy and offering lots of blog candy helps.. be generous and over the top with freebies.
         scan the web for files offered on other blogs, nab them, change the file format and you are all set with
        free files.   Some ideas are freely available on little known blogs... digi stamps can be turned into SVGs
         or embroidery, or embroidery to digi   stamps... grab them, offer them free on yours, and ... you got it!    
06)  Learn how to do something unique really well.. quilt like a pro, make cards that amaze, art work that inspires       and  write up tutorials on how to do something that everyone wants to learn, something unique and different...... Unique Ideas that may help with inspiration:  
                         a. using rubber stamps, or digi stamps, on paper, color them in with, oh, markers or chalk or ink, or something, and then... use them to make cards.  I'm talking hard to find info, or really extreme techniques... add a piece of ribbon, a button, some glitter.  Stuff no one would think of on their own
                        b.  take pictures of family,  of scenery, or your tea pot, crop it, put the picture in a book full of pretty paper and stuff, write up how it makes you feel, and  give it a name, like, oh.... hey.. scrapbook?  Again, make it just over the top with unique creativity.. kids in Disney with Mickey embellishments, kids in a bubble bath with circles and bubble embellishments, something that takes people to a new level of artistic ability.
                         c. devise a system of organizing the rubber stamps and coloring devices, I'm talking about buying everything you can think of using,...then buy cabinets and counters and bins, label it all and then.. post your organizational system on your blog... yeah, some people might think it is showing off, but you know you are doing it to help others organize.  Use your machines and tools and papers to make books that list your machines and tools and papers.  List your glitter glue colors, list your ink colors, and show these on your blog
Instead of coming up with creative projects, you can wow with your creative organization and ability to gather amazing projects.

Are you getting it?  I have one more really creative idea for a unique blog, saving the best for last here.
                          d)  buy fabric, lots and lots of fabric, I am talking lots and lots.  Colors, textures, all size pieces, then.... heres where we get crazy... cut it up in little pieces, and sew it back together.  NO kidding,
it draws people like flies to fly paper.  Don't buy the yards and cut it, that is so old, buy it precut.. don't worry about the price, you will make it up in income from your it  in strips and squares and triangles.  Call them jelly rolls and turnovers and honeybuns, call them nickels and quarters.  or, just collect the fabric, organize it, and follow C. as above.

05)  Take a lot of pictures, a lot, as a step by step guide tutorial of your project or craft room
04)  Learn how to post said pictures on your blog
03)  Video tutorials with links to you-tube are good too: learn how to link them
02) Never post a post this long
01)The most important.... drum roll....yeah, right  Do you really think I would be doing this if I knew what would make a blog popular to start with?

Have a good Day! Remember,

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