Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caution: Don't use your laptop on your lap or 4 Ways to Save your laptop

I have had HP laptop computers that work great, then die.. fried motherboard.. one was just over the warranted time by a couple days.
This computer was my companion for a year.. I did not leave home without it.
 I took this baby to a local guy who did some digging around and the problem isn't with the motherboard, it is with the air vent system.

turns out a laptop is not meant to sit on your lap without a hard surface for it to sit on.. fabric, chairs and people legs block the teeny tiny air intake square on the bottom of the computer, mine has literally a square inch of intake and multiple outlets.

If this teeny tiny intake is blocked by anything, the computer can't cool and the mother board fries. Or, maybe bakes would be more appropriate? Technically there is no fat to fry it in. unless it falls into your salad, but then, who would sit on the couch eating dinner.. or breakfast.. or lunch.. balancing a laptop and food.. 

The advice from the expert who I am now in love with who fixed my computer and
solved the mystery of cooked mother boards, **I am not claiming to know anything about motherboards except that when they are shot.. nothing works... sound familiar?

1)Do not not not rest your laptop on anything soft or anything at all that does not allow air to flow all the way underneath the computer.. turns out there is
a reason for those little feet on the bottom of the computer.. nothing should get closer to the bottom of the computer then the feet would allow, to use it on your lap either get a lap thingie for it to sit on, (or use your old laptop.. the closed top will provide firm surface for new laptop)

2)Get compressed air .. the little cans in walmart or staples.. and clean the vents every few months

3)Get a cooling pad made for computers and use it the way it is supposed to be used, however that is.. been snowed and iced in and have not been out to get one yet..

4)Enjoy your computer for years to come!

Now you can use it to store quilt pattern, SVGs, digistamps.. etc. without fear or worry, but you still might want to back up your stuff on a regular basis... I hear they don't do very well with coffee either


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Linda! I don't have a laptop but would like to get one. Now I will know "what not to do" if I ever get one. :-)

  2. Oh, wow, my very first comment.. thank you Sandi..
    two followers and a comment. Life is good.

  3. Here is my If there are a few you would like, just be a follower and ask. I've been behind in posting svgs since I'm trying to catch up on my own cardmaking. I'm getting ready to start a little store with a friend to sell some of the svgs....but only for $1-$1.25. I still plan to give 2 away free each week. If there's a few you want I don't plan to put in the store, email me. Your blog comment was very informative. When I started, I had no idea anyone would take a look. It was something I was doing for "me" and it kinda blossomed. Thank you for the kind comments...Glad you are liking some of the svgs.

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