Saturday, July 30, 2011

An Unbelievable Amazing Morning

What a crazy good day it is.  In the midst of humidity and heat we woke up this morning to a cool breeze, dry air, and for the first time in weeks... the windows are open!!!  whooo hoooo  This on a day when the pain is at the lowest point in weeks.

No deep thoughts to share today, just the desire to go into my craft room and create.. something, anything.

I get so scattered when I go in there sometimes, the overwhelming desire to make something hits, but I am only one person, and this person wants to sew and paint and stamp and make cards and scrapbook and gifts and try out all the newest techniques and raise money for the Bible for the Blind, and fix the world and save the animals and it all meshes together and the only thing that comes of it is a fading headache after 4 advil.  Don't take 4 advil.  Oh, the desire to make cards for Operation Write Home, did I mention that?

My focus is going to be the searchable Bible for the Blind.  Please take a minute and read this page, and help me figure out how to do this!

Watch for upcoming news on how we make this happen!

Enjoy the day!

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  1. I'm afraid my brain is mush, and I haven't got anything constructive to add...but I did want to thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving some love. Glad you are enjoying the freebies!